Post-Jam Update Coming Soon!

A new update will be coming soon to all platforms. A new title card, bug-fixes and additional content, including last-minute cut content!

This update will DEFINITELY include:

  • Title card for starting the game
  • Fixing the gas glitch where the first interaction was skipped.
  • Adding cut content for the first strange room.
  • New end point that will be considerably different from the original demo end point.
  • New SFX
  • Fixed shaky display of certain dialogue boxes

What is in the works:

  • New face and character graphic
  • New music tracks
  • New room iteration outline inspired by Shattered Pixel (Available on Android and Linux.)
  • Implementation of new screen effects

Once at least most of the above is complete, you'll see a new update.

Files 458 MB
Jun 24, 2019
PhoriaLinux.tar.gz 469 MB
Jun 24, 2019

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